Print photos on our Kiosk


Beautiful prints from your digital images

Our photo kiosk prints outstanding quality and sharp colorful photos.  

Just 26 ¢ for a 4 x 6 inch print

Whether you want regular 4x6 prints, 5x7's, 8x10's, 8x12s, wallet size, or if you want to create a collage, our photo kiosk is your answer.  We even make Passport compatible photos. 

How to use our kiosk

Bring your camera or smart phone along with your charging cable to connect to our kiosk.  You can also connect with most SD card sizes.  You can also use a flash drive or create an order from home to print pictures here in Stonington.

Use our kiosk from home

You can use your home computer, notebook, ipad, or smartphone to create an order from our website. Use this action button to access the online kiosk at home to print pictures on our kiosk in Stonington. 

Passport pictures

Use our passport tool to make U.S. passport compatible prints.