Prescription Medicine Savings Club

Copay Savings Club Card

 Use our Net Rx Copay Card and pay as low as $ 5.99 on more than 300 generic      medications! 


Now you can enjoy great cost-savings on name brand and generic medications, along with the customer service and personalized care that only a locally-owned pharmacy can offer. 

What is the Net Rx Prescription Copay Card? With your Net Rx Prescription Copay Card, you can save on more than 5,000 name brand and generic medications at your locally-owned Good Neighbor Pharmacy. Who can enroll? Our program is open to people of all ages. And it’s ideal for people without prescription drug benefits or those with inadequate coverage.   No prior authorization is required; simply show your card and enjoy great savings. People who receive healthcare benefits from Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE are not eligible.




Is there an annual membership fee as part of the program?       

Yes, $ 1.00 annual fee.           

Is this program the same as an insurance benefit?                      

No. This program is not an insurance benefit. This program is a Prescription Savings Card that offers voluntary enrollment,and provides exclusive discounts on prescription medications.

How much will my medications cost?                                             

As a member, you will receive exclusive discounts on many of your brand-name prescription medications. In addition, more than 300 generic prescription medications are available to you at a lower cost.